In a World of Subscriptions, How Zuora Matters?

A word so typical and associated with every widget in the 21st-century economy is a subscription. Type the words Subscription Economy in Google. One will come across the webpage The Subscription Economy prepared by Zuora Inc (NASDAQ: ZUO), a subscription software company out of Redwood City, California. As companies large and small transition to include a subscription-based services model to their businesses, Zuora Inc (NASDAQ: ZUO) appears an exciting prospect powering this transition. The company has grown its Annual Contract Value ($100,000 or greater) customer base from 415 in April 2018 to 694 as of July 2021.

Take a look at shares of Desktop Metal. 3-D Printing Can Change the Manufacturing Game.

Based out of Burlington, Massachusetts, is a 3-D Printing Technology Company called Desktop Metal (NYSE: DM), which became public after a successful SPAC Business Combination with Trine Acquisition Corp. on December 15, 2020. With Q1 21 revenues of $11.31 million, up almost 700% year-over-year, 3-D Printing might just be the answer to growing concerns regarding supply chains and their sustainability.

I Bought Shares Of Clear Secure Inc. Here Are The Reasons Why?

In 2010, Ms. Caryn Seidman-Becker purchased Clear for $6.0 million, and fast forward to June 2021; the company is a publicly-traded company with an approximate $4.0 billion market capitalization. Easily identifiable through its Clear Kiosks, the platform utilizes user uploaded biometrics to allow seamless and frictionless entry into airports and stadiums. The stock is listed in the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker- YOU.

What If The Next Spaceship was a Tractor and How Technology is Changing Farming?

Video Games such as Farmville and John Deere: American Farmer, available to the general public, allows for an immersive and exciting experience while diluting and sometimes obfuscating farmings’ labor-intensive agro-economy. AGCO Corp (NYSE: AGCO), headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, is a company I am adding to my watchlist because of its space-ship like tractors.

Why Waste Management, Inc (NYSE: WM)?

Every week, an alert surfaces on my phone, reminding me to drag our garbage bin and park it at the corner of the street so that the garbage truck would come and take the garbage away. Waste Management Inc, mislabeled as a Standard and Poor’s 500 component, should be a Standard and Poor’s 500 annuity. Personal Reflections on why I chose to invest in Waste Management Inc (NYSE: WM).