Loads and Revenues Increase at JB Hunt. Q3 EPS beats Ests.

Surface Freight & Logistics Provider J.B Hunt Transport Services Inc (JBHT) reported Third Quarter Fiscal 2021. Year-over-year consolidated revenues were up 27.2% ($3.14 billion vs. 2.47 billion), with all individual segments reporting a double-digit gain in their respective revenues. Even though their JBI Loads have remained relatively stable, their DCS segment has been on a positive trajectory compared to their JBI and ICS segment.

What is SP 500 & Why a 2017 Buffet Experiment Leads to FNILX?

The Standard and Poors 500 Index, a U.S. market benchmark, is quoted daily, with institutional and personal investments mirroring its ebbs and flows. In his 2017 Annual Letter to Shareholders, Mr. Warren Buffet shared findings of a financial experiment he conducted between 2008 and 2017. In this experiment, Mr. Buffet quantified the value in passively investing in the Standard and Poors 500 Index compared to having an energetic style. Passively Investing in the S&P 500 delivered a 2.0% better-annualized return. Launched in 2018, the Fidelity ZERO Large Cap Index Fund (FNILX) speaks to Mr. Buffets’ advice of investing in a “virtually cost-free” index fund. In reality, the FNILX Index Fund is cost-free, i.e., no expense ratio, an index fund that looks almost like the Standard and Poors 500 Index.

In a World of Subscriptions, How Zuora Matters?

A word so typical and associated with every widget in the 21st-century economy is a subscription. Type the words Subscription Economy in Google. One will come across the webpage The Subscription Economy prepared by Zuora Inc (NASDAQ: ZUO), a subscription software company out of Redwood City, California. As companies large and small transition to include a subscription-based services model to their businesses, Zuora Inc (NASDAQ: ZUO) appears an exciting prospect powering this transition. The company has grown its Annual Contract Value ($100,000 or greater) customer base from 415 in April 2018 to 694 as of July 2021.