How Being a Child makes Inflation Irrelevant?

The word toy is interchangeably used to highlight a gallery of valuable items used to display financial or societal status or as the collection of items used by an average parent to distract or compound their child’s attention to gain time to complete other chores. In the case of the latter, the Consumer Price Index for Toys highlights a deflationary pattern since 2000. Economics teaches us that when prices are low, demand increases. Deflation has not contributed to the incline in Toy Sales, even though a 21st-century phenomenon has most contributed to its decline.

How Crocodilian is this Transitory Inflation?

In this essay, I write to a consistent theme encountered with the word inflation- transitory. The word “transitory” helps business correspondents and telecasters explain the vocabulary used to describe the current inflation situation and expectations when the Federal Reserve comments are involved. The same word transitory in Queensland, Australia helps explain a crocodile zone where a similar number is paralleled – no. 2. Plotting available data from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, a compilation of charts emerge that mirror the crocodile angled at a riverbank.